ShareVista Investment Software

Data Update

Data Update Methods

The software's database can be updated via the following methods.

Data Update File Formats

Files that can be read by the software are these CSV (comma separated variables) formats.

Citifeed Data Update Files

The share price database can be updated with Citifeed or Citifeed+ ZIP files obtained from Financial Express (

The software will read these ZIP files directly and there is no need to extract (unzip) the update files from the ZIP file first. However, the software can also read unzipped Citifeed data.

The software will also read Citifeed+ OCHLV (open,close,high,low,volume) ZIP files directly but will currently only make use of the closing price within this data.

Citifeed Data Update Files Price

Citifeed currently costs £35 + VAT per year.
Citifeed can be ordered from the Citifeed website:

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