ShareVista Investment Software

Data Update

Data Update Methods

The software's database can be updated via the following methods.

Data Sources

The software attempts to obtain data from various freely available sources but to improve the scope considerably, you should consider the options below.

Alpha Vantage
To use this data source you first have to obtain an AlphaVantage key.
You can obtain a free key from:
Once you have a key you should enter it in the data settings.

If you want to work with a large number of securities and update quickly or work with data from exchanges other than the US or UK then you should use this data.
You can obtain this data from some of the data is free (you will need to register
Download data from in one of the Metastock formats (the Metastock with names format is recommended).
Place these files (zipped or unzipped) in your data\update folder.
The data\update folder location can be found (or changed) by pressing the 'Data Settings' button below or by selecting the 'Data->Data Preferences' menu option and then press the 'Explore Data Update Folder' button.
Using the EodData DataClient software would simplify this process.
With the files in place, select the 'Data->Update From Local Disc Files' menu option.

Data Update File Formats

Files that can be read by the software are these CSV (comma separated variables) formats.

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