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MD5 Digital Signature Information

An MD5 digest value is a compact digital signature, 32 digits in length, calculated for a long stream of binary data (a download file in this case).

By verifying the MD5 digital signature value published for the download file is exactly the same as the value you obtain for the file you have downloaded, you can be sure the file you have on your PC is exactly the same file that is on the website server and therefore free from alterations and damage.

To calculate the MD5 digital signature of the downloaded file, you can use this MD5 calculator utiltiy or any MD5 calculator of your choice.

If you wish to verify the download file, then perform the following:

  1. Download an installation file from the downloads page
  2. Make a note of the appropriate 32 digit MD5 digital signature for the download file shown in the file details links on the downloads page
  3. Calculate an MD5 digital signature for the downloaded file on your PC using a MD5 calculator utiltiy.
  4. Check that the MD5 digital signatures are identical
  5. If the MD5 digital signatures are not identical, try downloading the file again

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